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Benefits and Drawbacks of Vitamins and Supplements
Most of the healthy adults can comfortably achieve their vitamin needs, just by always eating a healthy balanced diet but vitamin supplements are essential in preventing deficiency in some nutrients, although this product brings some disadvantages with it. These supplements come in different forms, including, liquid, capsule, and chew-able, and have the following benefits.
The vitamins and supplements are essential for helping in some needs such as pain and swelling caused by arthritis, reduce depression, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, promote more hair growth, and reduce joint stiffness. The Harvard School of Public Health argues that taking the supplements like Metagenics Glutagenics is an inexpensive way of ensuring that the body receives proper nutrition.
Another advantage, which also happens to be the most important one, is that the vitamins assist in addressing deficiencies, which may result from malnutrition or limitations in the dies, where adding the vitamins add to the nutrients of these diets. They are advisable for the people who are bulimic, anorexic or picky eaters, but one should always focus on getting the most nutrients from meals. Vitamin supplements cannot replace food in any way, despite their use to cover up for the missing nutrients, since they cannot produce the calories needed for normal body functioning.
Apart from the advantages, these conditions have their drawbacks as slightly stated at the beginning, and one of the cons is that the supplements may lead to a health disorder, which can occur through the introduction of a new health condition in the body, or worsening of the current situation. For the people who have phenylketonuria, they might suffer problems that may result from aspartame, which may be found in the vitamins, and people with any of the kidney diseases should see a doctor before taking them, according to a warning by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Beta carotene can raise the chances of contracting lung cancer for smokers according to Mayo clinic while Medline Plus says that it is important in fatigue elimination which can be a signal of conditions like anemia, thyroid malfunction or depression.
The second and final disadvantage is on the potential overdosing of the vitamin supplements where University of Maryland Medical Center states that intake beyond the right dosage can bring adverse effects due to accumulation of certain substances in the body. The Harvard School of Public Health, on the other hand, also has a statement that vitamin E should not go beyond 1000 mg, Diet Channel recommends less than 4000 International units of retinol and Diet.com warns over potential overdose.

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