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Tips on Selecting A Good Lasik Surgeon

There are more than 800,000 lasik surgeries performed annually in America alone. This number continues to rise as the procedure gets even safer. People that suffer from vision problems can feel much safer now courtesy of this procedure. Despite the rising popularity, this does not imply that any lasik surgeon is appropriate for you. You ought to find a surgeon that is both transparent and makes you feel comfortable. Another concern is finding a surgeon that fits your insurance. All this aside, below are some tips to consider when selecting a good, trustworthy lasik surgeon.

First of all, check whether they have the necessary licensing and board certification. Prerequisite for any lasik surgeon to practice in America are license permits and Certificates from the American Board of Ophthalmology. You can check whether your surgeon of choice has any malpractice records, and hence how credible they are by accessing The National Practitioner Data Bank. By conducting this background check, you can determine whether your surgeon of choice still holds a licence or not.

You can confirm whether your ophthalmologist of choice is qualified by checking their certificate in laser refractive surgery. While this certificate issued by the Royal College of ophthalmologist is not a must for performing laser eye surgery, and ophthalmologist that has it can be deemed to have the credibility and recognition to safely perform this procedure. Additionally, most surgeons who are members of the American Academy of ophthalmology i.e. AAO, are licensed and have permission to conduct lasik surgery. Hence, it is prudent to contact AAO to gather more information about the members that practice lasik surgery.

Enquire about referrals from people you trust. Before choosing any eye specialist, it is best to get several recommendations first. Gathering information from people you trust is an excellent way of gauging the competence of a doctor. It is even better if you happen to know someone who has had lasik surgery, as they can best advise you on whether to trust a specific doctor or not. Also important is to enquire about their level of satisfaction, especially concerning the care they received. It is also important to ask about any complications that occurred during the procedure, since unexpected things sometimes happen during surgery. Another thing to do is exclusively ask people with similar insurance plans to yours. While receiving great care is important, it should never put you in any major debt.

Patient testimonials are very important, since doctors will perform lots of successful eye surgeries are usually advertised via word of mouth. On that note, always ask your surgeon about previous patients, and personally interact with them to verify the reputation of the surgeon.

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